This page lists the majority of SADX mods I’ve made or contributed to. Some of these have their own homepages, which are also linked here.

Dreamcast ConversionRestores levels, textures, object models, special effects and branding from the Dreamcast version.
Sound OverhaulFixes sound bugs in SADX PC, restores missing sounds and replaces most sounds with higher quality counterparts ripped from the Dreamcast version. Includes new effects and volume tweaks too.
Dreamcast DLCsRecreates Dreamcast DLC content in the PC version.
Tikal’s challengeThe first fully custom DLC for the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure. Technically not a mod because it doesn’t hack the base game.
HD GUIAdds HD assets for the majority of menus and other UI graphics.
Debug Mode Displays various diagnostic info in console and on screen.
Ninja LightsA “boilerplate” mod to test various types of non-palette lighting in SADX PC in case they are ever implemented in Lantern Engine.
Keyboard RemapperAdds remappable keyboard controls. This mod is no longer supported, use the Input Mod instead.
Enhanced Emerald CoastRestores the ocean wave effect in Emerald Coast and adds various other fixes/improvements without reverting the level to the Dreamcast version. This mod is no longer in development.
Time of DayAdvances the day/night cycle when you take the train between Station Square and the Mystic Ruins after the story is completed.
Tornado ModelsRestores “Saturn style” low-poly models for Sonic and Tails on the Tornado. This mod is deprecated, use Dreamcast Characters instead.
Remove CreamDisables Cream cameos. The functionality of this mod is now an option in Dreamcast Conversion.
Casinopolis CowgirlReplaces the billboard on the second floor of Casinopolis with the cowgirl from the Japanese version of Sonic Adventure. The functionality of this mod is now an option in Dreamcast Conversion.

Mods I co-authored or contributed to:

ModDescriptionWhat I did
Lantern Engine by SonicFreak94Recreates the Dreamcast version’s lighting engine in the PC version.I reverse engineered the format of lighting files, documented palette selection, assisted with accuracy tests and made material fixes, as well as made some minor changes/improvements.
SADX Fixed Edition by SonicFreak94Fixes various problems in SADX PC.I fixed Sky Chase control and enemy behavior issues at resolutions higher than 640×480 and contributed various other fixes that I had originally developed for Dreamcast Conversion.
Input Mod by SonicFreak94Fixes issues with XInput and DInput controllers and adds remappable keyboard controls.I added configurable keyboard support and made various other improvements.
Fixes, Adds and Beta Restores by supercoolsonicRestores a variety of cut/disabled content, including that from the prototypes.I contributed various minor code optimizations and fixes.
Onion Blur by SonicFreak94Recreates the “motion blur” effect from the Japanese version of SA1.I made a fork of this mod with a workaround to keep various effects from disappearing when this mod is enabled together with Lantern Engine.
Dreamcast Characters by ItsEasyActuallyRestores Dreamcast character models in SADX PC.I added various lighting corrections and minor code changes.
Test Spawn by x-haxLets you start the game directly on any level. I made a fork of this mod with various improvements and added an option to load specific cutscenes. This mod is now integrated into SADX Mod Loader.
AI HD FMVs by kawaiikaorichanReplaces the game’s FMVs with upscaled high resolution videos.I made the code portion of the mod.
Spanish translation by kawaiikaorichanA full Spanish (Latin American) retranslation of SADX PC.I contributed code to change several text strings that couldn’t be replaced with SA Tools at the time.