SADX Mod Installer update

The SADX Mod Installer was discontinued back in 2022. However, with the arrival of the new SA Mod manager and retirement of the original SADX Mod Manager I felt it was necessary to update it. Many people are still using it, and Linux/Steam Deck tutorials seem to rely on it. Although I want to retire the installer as soon as possible, I made the following update to make it easier for people using it right now:

  • If you’re running Windows 7 or above, it will install the new SA Mod Manager (auto picking x86 or x64). If you’re running Windows XP, it will install the legacy SADX Mod Manager.
  • .NET 7.0 Desktop (x86 or x64) is installed automatically on Windows 7 and above.
  • The installer was made compatible with Windows XP. All tools, including Steam conversion, are completely functional on XP. Online functionality will not work on XP and 7 due to outdated certificates, but it might work if the system has correct certificates.
  • The Steam conversion process has been altered to rely on patches. Now the installer doesn’t supply the EXE or DLLs from the 2004 version, instead it patches the Steam version to turn it into the 2004 US version using a 5MB diff file. This was made possible thanks to HDiffPatch. Best Buy, EU original, Sonic PC Collection and Korean versions of SADX are also patchable.

The installer still doesn’t support the new configuration format introduced in the new Mod Manager, and I think it will probably stay that way. However, the new Mod Manager picks up the old format settings generated by the installer so this should be no problem to the players.

At some point in the future the new Mod Manager will handle the Steam conversion, and the installer will no longer be necessary. Some of its features will be implemented in the new Mod Manager or through other means: for example, Guide Mode could be done as a web page with 1-click install links.

Native Steam savegame support in SADX 2004

Previously you had to use BetterSADX or the SADX Mod Installer to transfer savegames to the 2004 version, but soon it will be possible to load the Steam version’s saved games in the Mod Loader. You will be able to load files directly from their original location, so no transfer is required whatsoever. If you play a Steam saved game in the modded 2004 version, the original Steam version will also be able to load it, so you can play the same file on both versions. The Chao Garden save is also supported: if you load a saved game located in the Steam folder, it will use the Steam version’s garden file. As you can see in the screenshot, custom filenames (ANSI/English only) are also possible, so your saved games no longer have to be named “SonicDX??” for the game to recognize them.

The format used for saved games is almost identical between the two versions, but there are a couple differences that make them incompatible. You can load 2004 saves in the Steam version if you rename them, but not the other way around. The files created by the Steam version are 16 bytes bigger (1408 bytes vs 1392 in the old port), and 12 of these extra bytes are used to store the file creation date and time. At the beginning of the file there is a checksum, and both versions use the same algorithm which calculates the checksum value based on the contents of the whole file. The reason the 2004 version won’t load Steam saved games is because the game only accounts for 1392 bytes when reading the file and calculating the checksum, which doesn’t match because it doesn’t include those extra 16 bytes in the calculation. The Steam version removes the checksum check on the file select screen so it recognizes saved games from the 2004 version, although the date and time might look wrong. When progress is saved in a file that originally came from the Steam version, the Mod Loader writes the current date and time into the file so it should display correctly in the Steam version as well.

Leaving GitHub

Microsoft, who acquired GitHub 5 years ago, are demonstrating their true intentions regarding the future of the site that used to be the largest hub of free and open source community projects.

I was a user of GitHub before Microsoft acquired it, and they have no moral right to impose their new rules and threaten to lock me out of my work if I don’t obey. You can debate the security, necessity and efficacy of 2FA in general or for GitHub in particular, but to sum up my thoughts on this measure:
– I’m not going to use any form of 2FA for my account on GitHub;
– I find forcing 2FA on long-term users, AND locking out those who don’t want it, unacceptable.

So, I have decided to leave GitHub permanently. I will not be coming back to GitHub even if they reverse the decision (though obviously they won’t).

Among other projects, the following SADX mods and tools have had their source code relocated to GitLab:
Dreamcast Conversion
Dreamcast DLC
Sound Overhaul
Debug Mode
SADX Style Water
Time of Day
SADX Mod Installer

As I am leaving GitHub, I will no longer be able to contribute to the following projects on the X-Hax organization:
SADX Mod Loader / Mod Loader Common
SA Tools and SA Tools Wiki
SA Tools (research)
SADX Modding Wiki
Decompilation projects

I will also be losing the ability to contribute (at least directly) to the following projects:
Lantern Engine
Input Mod
SADX: Fixed Edition
Onion Blur

Depending on what kind of “restrictions” Microsoft put on my account, I may also become unable to report issues or participate in discussions in the above projects after October 6th, 2023.

Leaving is not easy, and losing touch with the community and projects I’ve put a lot of personal time into building and improving sure hurts. Still, I hope you understand and accept my decision.

Thank you for following my work all this time.

SADX Debug Mode version 2.0

Today I’m releasing an update for the Debug Mode mod that adds a free camera mode.

Using the free camera mode

Press Y on the keyboard to enable free camera. When the free camera mode is enabled, you can use the mouse to move the camera around. The control scheme is similar to the one used in 3D editors in SA Tools.

  • Move the mouse to rotate the camera.
  • Hold Left Shift and move the mouse to move the camera.
  • Hold Control and move the mouse up and down to zoom in and out.
  • Press both Left Shift and Control to lock the camera in place. Press them again to unlock it.
  • Press Numpad + and Numpad – to change camera speed.
  • Press Y again to re-enable vanilla camera. It will remain locked in place until the character touches a camera trigger.

I would like to thank Speeps for providing the source code of an unreleased mod with the the original free camera code, which became the basis for the free camera mode in this mod.

Dreamcast DLC mod release

The new version of the Dreamcast DLC mod is now out! You can use this mod to play SA1 DC downloadable content in SADX PC, as well as develop your own custom downloads that will work both in the mod and even in the Dreamcast version provided that you convert it using SA Tools first. Also, this version includes Tikal’s challenge, a custom DLC created previously for the Dreamcast version.

Get the mod here or simply update the previous version through the Mod Loader. If you get a “directory not empty” error while updating the mod, just hit cancel and it’ll work fine. I don’t know why it happens.

Here’s an excerpt from readme/release notes:
-SonicFreak94 for the code to play the SEGA/Sonic Team voice
-Darksecond for figuring out SA1 DLC and rank data encryption and posting it on ASSEMbler
-Sappharad for providing C# code to decrypt SA1 DLCs and for cracking the integrity check
-Daguar for giving me a hint on where to look for DLC item table
-Exant for making a lightweight “sitting Chao” model for the Tikal DLC
-Moopthehedgehog for the rediscovered Kadomatsu DLC
-TheLegendOfXela for high quality music and sound rips
-LastBreath for beta testing

-The mod has been rewritten from scratch to work more like the original game’s DLC system
-Text strings in all languages used in original DLC content have been preserved
-DLC content can now load in Adventure, Trial or Mission Mode
-Added Tikal’s challenge
-Lighting accuracy updates
-Custom codepage support: add system\dlc\codepage.ini with “FrenchCodepage=….” etc. to make French, Spanish or German strings use a codepage other than 1252
-Famitsu and QUO challenges no longer replace Station Square camera files with their counterparts from the original 1998 release of SA1
-Twinkle Circuit options for characters have been removed – you can now use the “Mercury GP” menu to go to any course with any character
-The “Alternative challenge timer GUI” option has been removed in favor of a more accurate SA1-like timer
-Seasonal DLC options have been rearranged
-Workarounds from the old mod to prevent DLC content from interfering with story progression have not been reimplemented

New Twinkle Circuit menu preview

I’m working on a complete rewrite of the Dreamcast DLC mod to practice making something that uses C++ classes. With the new version you will be able to modify original SA1 DLCs and create completely new DLC content that will work in both SADX PC and SA1 Dreamcast with a simple conversion (except custom sounds and music which aren’t compatible).

Some features of the old mod won’t make it to this version. For example, all Twinkle Circuit settings in the old mod will have to go. To compensate for it I made this little menu that will show up when you enter the special gate that appears when you enable the Samba GP DLC. The look may or may not be final, I’m still messing around with its design. I’m a bit limited in how much I can do in it.