Native Steam savegame support in SADX 2004

Previously you had to use BetterSADX or the SADX Mod Installer to transfer savegames to the 2004 version, but soon it will be possible to load the Steam version’s saved games in the Mod Loader. You will be able to load files directly from their original location, so no transfer is required whatsoever. If you play a Steam saved game in the modded 2004 version, the original Steam version will also be able to load it, so you can play the same file on both versions. The Chao Garden save is also supported: if you load a saved game located in the Steam folder, it will use the Steam version’s garden file. As you can see in the screenshot, custom filenames (ANSI/English only) are also possible, so your saved games no longer have to be named “SonicDX??” for the game to recognize them.

The format used for saved games is almost identical between the two versions, but there are a couple differences that make them incompatible. You can load 2004 saves in the Steam version if you rename them, but not the other way around. The files created by the Steam version are 16 bytes bigger (1408 bytes vs 1392 in the old port), and 12 of these extra bytes are used to store the file creation date and time. At the beginning of the file there is a checksum, and both versions use the same algorithm which calculates the checksum value based on the contents of the whole file. The reason the 2004 version won’t load Steam saved games is because the game only accounts for 1392 bytes when reading the file and calculating the checksum, which doesn’t match because it doesn’t include those extra 16 bytes in the calculation. The Steam version removes the checksum check on the file select screen so it recognizes saved games from the 2004 version, although the date and time might look wrong. When progress is saved in a file that originally came from the Steam version, the Mod Loader writes the current date and time into the file so it should display correctly in the Steam version as well.