Dreamcastify is back

Dreamcastify, a website that documents SADX downgrades, was having some technical issues throughout the last two years. Some video comparisons that were hosted on Youtube were taken down, and after a WordPress update the pages didn’t load properly and many images were missing. I reworked all pages so that they load again and made the following changes:

  • All video comparisons are now hosted on the site itself.
  • The pages display smaller JPG images by default, and a full-size PNG version of each image can be seen if you click on the preview. This made the site much more responsive.
  • There were some minor text edits (mostly wording) and some info updates regarding mods and emulation.
  • The feedback section was removed. Sorry, I don’t have the resources to read all of the comments. I haven’t looked at the newly arrived 850+ comments for about 3 years now, and from a quick glance they seem to be just spam anyway.

This is likely the last update to the site for the observable future. I was originally going to take it down because I didn’t have interest in updating it anymore, but then I thought it should be left online as a source of information, so I took a weekend to sit down and fix it for good, as well as rewrite some things.

I’d like to thank KGL for getting the initial editing and format updates done.