This page lists all Sonic Adventure/DX related tools I’ve made or contributed to.

Dreamcast Image BuilderA universal patcher that applies hacks to Dreamcast games using a “mods” system similar to the SADX Mod Loader. Includes a collection of patches for Sonic Adventure to improve the experience on the flycast emulator.
Sonic Adventure Palette Tool (PL Tool)Edits lighting files (PL and SL files) in Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) and the Lantern Engine mod. A newer version is now included in SA Tools.
SADX Mod InstallerAn easy to use installer to get mods on SADX PC. Supports automatic updates, can convert the Steam version into the 2004 PC port.
SADX LauncherA component of SADX Mod Installer that provides an easy to use UI to configure the game, the Mod Loader and the Input Mod.
SA1 MLT PlayerA Dreamcast program made with Ninja SDK that plays MLT soundbanks from Sonic Adventure.
Ninja Light TestA Dreamcast program made with Ninja SDK to preview various types of non-palette lighting used in the Dreamcast version of SA1.
SDL JoystickAn extension for Clickteam Fusion and Multimedia Fusion 2 that interfaces with input devices using SDL2 Joystick API.
SplitPBExtracts textures from Dreamcast SA1 .PB files. This tool is now superseded by SA Tools’ ArchiveTool.
SADX Demo ConverterA tool to convert gameplay demo files between various versions of SA1/DX.

I’ve also contributed to the following tools:

ToolDescriptionWhat I did
SA ToolsThe main toolkit for working with Sonic Adventure/DX and making mods.I made ArchiveTool, USplit, Object Scanner, reworked Level Extractor into Data Extractor and made various updates to SADXLVL2, SALVL, SAMDL, SADXFontEdit, SADXSndSharp and the overall framework. I’ve also added support for the leaked X360 prototype and transferred level and model labels from it to the PC version.
SADX Mod Loader by MainMemory and SF94The main way to mod the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX.I added various minor features to the Mod Loader and updated the Mod Manager’s UI.
TrioLinker-vJoy by SonicFreak94A vJoy feeder to make EMS TrioLinker and other USB HID devices work on newer versions of Windows without original drivers.I made various updates to detect different kinds of devices, I’ve also made a fork of it that makes it compatible with any USB adapter/controller.