SADX Mod Installer update

I’ve updated the Steam conversion part of SADX Mod Installer with a new UI that tells you what it’s doing and reports all errors right away. If the program crashes while trying to do anything (for example, if there’s an access error because SADX is running or some files in its folder are open in another program), it will let you try again. It also saves logs for both the installer and the Steam conversion tool in SADX folder.

This update is mainly for those who have trouble getting the conversion to succeed and end up with the game missing videos and sounds. The tool should now be able to tell you what’s wrong, though you might still have to reinstall the game from scratch and run the installer again for it to work properly.

This is likely the last feature update for the mod installer. There may be language and maintenance updates in the future, but I won’t be adding any new features or mods to it.