Sonic Adventure DC-HD first release

Update 2024/06/29: This tool has been superseded by the Dreamcast Image Builder.

Sonic Adventure DC-HD is a new way to play the Dreamcast version of SA1 on the flycast emulator.

You can play SA1 with the following improvements:

  • The game runs at 60 FPS during gameplay without framerate-related glitches (hopefully).
  • Widescreen hack without model clipping or HUD stretching (some HUD stuff is offset though – this will be fixed eventually).
  • All videos can be skipped by pressing Start, not just the intro.
  • Cheat code to disable all cutscenes.
  • If you cannot run in a straight line with your controller/keyboard, there’s an optional patch for that.
  • Less choppy ocean in Emerald Coast (similar to Dreamcast Conversion for SADX PC).

Sonic Adventure DC-HD is distributed as a patcher program which you use on the original GDI of SA1 (US 1.005, animated title screen) to produce a patched version. It also comes with a cheat file that you need to load in flycast if you want to use the widescreen hack. Follow the instructions on the repo for more details.

This project is a work in progress. Not all features are complete and new features may be added in the future.

SA1 DC-HD has been tested on the standalone version of flycast on Windows and Android. The modified image is only meant to be used on the flycast emulator. 60 FPS and the widescreen hack will not work properly on other emulators or real hardware.